Meeting Schedule

But first – some quick announcements:

  • There is a new Link and password for the Tuesday meeting. See below.
  • Due to weather, the Thursday park meeting is now meeting indoors at Yoga Source (3122 W Cary St #220, Richmond, VA 23221). Masks are required. First Thursday of the month we will bring equipment to connect to the Zoom meeting from Yoga Source.
  • Wednesday morning meeting is now Zoom-only, will resume hybrid format in the spring.
  • Friday park meeting is on hold until further notice.
  • We’re going to start referring to the monthly business meeting as “Group Intentions” instead, to reflect a Recovery Dharma model rather than a twelve step model
  • Group Intentions meetings are moving to the first Thursday of each month, either at Yoga Source or on Zoom as the meeting is hybrid on the first Thursday.

Meeting list:



  • 7:30am
    • Hybrid meeting
    • On Zoom:
    • In Person:
      • Weather permitting.
      • Ekoji Buddhist Sangha, in the garden
        • 3411 Grove Ave
        • Richmond, VA 23221
        • Ekoji parking lot can be accessed through alley.
  • 7:30pm


  • 7:30pm at Yoga Source (was 6:00pm at Byrd Park)
    • 3122 W Cary St #220, Richmond, VA 23221
    • Masks are required.
  • 7:30pm


  • 7:30pm Park Meeting
    • This meeting is on hold until further notice

General Information:

→ The Richmond Sangha of Recovery Dharma uses the Recovery Dharma literature and meeting format.
→ All meetings are 1 hour. No prior knowledge of Buddhism is necessary.
→ The Sangha holds a Group Intentions meeting on the first Thursday of each month, immediately after the Thursday Zoom meeting, in the same Zoom.
→ If you would like to chair a Zoom meeting, please sign up here:
→ Recovery Dharma also hosts online meetings at other times –